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CNC File Management

Organize files and data used in machining operations such as NC programs!

WinTool Solution


WinTool is software developed by WinTool AG, headquartered in Switzerland. By utilizing WinTool, you can centrally manage files and data that tend to be scattered throughout the company and quickly access the information you want.

Business Challenge

Business Challenge

Files are scattered in the company

  • It takes time for workers to search for files and data used in past job operations.

  • Files and data are stored independently by each department or person in charge, and file names, etc. cannot be controlled.

Information is not shared among workers

  • It is often the case that the latest version of a file or data cannot be found without asking a specific individual.

  • There is no mechanism to share the findings obtained from machining work, and knowledge cannot be accumulated as an organization. 

You can solve these problems using WinTool!

WinTool Function

WinTool Function

Centralized CNC File and Data Management

One-stop management of NC programs, CAD/CAM data, setup procedure docs, images, etc. for each job. Use the flexible search function to quickly access information. Being useful for repeat work order or similar work order. Building in-house machining knowledge base.

Support for efficient machining operations

Hierarchical function of NC folders enables grouping of machining work and association between NC programs. Quickly know differences using the NC program comparison function. Access rights can be configured for each user group by NC machine tool, file type, etc.

Furthermore, digitalization can be expanded with optional modules.

Revision Management

  • NC Folder Revision Status

  • Revision and version control of files and data in NC folders


  • Access NC folder in a tablet or mobile environment

  • Enable to input comments for job and save captured images. 


  • Direct Numerical Control

  • Manufacturing Execusion System

  • Product Data Management

WinTool Tool Library

  • NC folder links to WinTool Tool Library

Request Documents

Request Documents

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