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Tool Management System

CNC Master Data Management & Machining Business Process Optimization

WinTool Solution


WinTool is software developed by WinTool AG, headquartered in Switzerland. By utilizing WinTool, it is possible to centrally manage tool data and tool information that tend to be scattered within the company, and to build the foundation for digitalizing machining business processes. 

We offer to implement CNC File management system only too. Read more

Business Challenge

Business Challenge

Can not share tool data and tool information

  • It takes a lot of times to find in-house tools information

  • Each department has the different tools information 

Takes long time to create tool data and reports

  • Re-Create tool data for NC simulation 

  • Create setup sheet and tool list for shop floor manually  

Increase the stock volume of cutting tools

  • Purchase the same tool with stock one wrongly

  • Can not trace the tool routing due to no transactions 

Business operation process is not clear

  • Tool setup work does not go smoothly

  • Difficult to know the preparation step on shop floor 

You can solve these problems using WinTool!

WinTool Function

WinTool Function

You can choose a module as needed.

CNC Tool Library

  • CNC Master Data Platform

  • Tool Assembly Engine

  • CAD/CAM Integration

  • NC Integration

  • Generate Details Setup Sheet

CNC File Manager

  • Centralized management for all the files by job 

  • NC folder Revision control

  • NC file Revision control

  • In-house know-how Database 

CNC Inventory Manager

  • Easily know stocks, available, ordered by tool component

  • Automatically create Purchase requisition data

  • Cost center transaction

CNC Process Manager

  • Tool Duplicate location and status management

  • Generate Tool Load list / Unload list by job

  • Job workflow management

WinTool Integration

WinTool Integration

WinTool has variety of integrations with systems.

CAD/CAM Integration

Storage System Integration

Presetter Integration

MMS Integration

PLM Integration

ERP Integration

MES Integration

DNC Integration

WinTool Highlights

WinTool Highlights

Centralized CNC File and Data Management

WinTool is a single source CNC master database for manufacturing data including production resources & tools database of your own resources, NC program data, and NC job data.

NC Programming with Real Tool Information

WinTool CAM Interface gives to the NC programmers online access to the WinTool tool database directly in the CAM system and browse through the entire shop’s tool inventory to find the best suitable and available tools.

Link engineering with shop floor for CNC production 

WinTool integrates engineering domain with manufacturing operation domain to manage production preparation information as well as shop floor information for CNC operational process.

Independent Tool Management Solution Vendor

WinTool is the only autonomous PRT management solution that becomes information hub for CNC machining process through interface with CAM, presetting gauges, tool storage, MES, ERP, PDM, MMS.

Strengthen Machining Operation

Strengthen Machining Operation

WinTool is tool management software that contributes to the efficiency and sophistication of machining operation.

We introduce the function which is useful in your business operation.

Quickly access tool information

Multiple search methods reduce the time you search for information and lead to quick decisions and quick actions.

Search for the whole

Cutting tools, tooling, and tool assemblies. Wintool provides a search method that can be realized by the whole tool information management.

WinTool Blog (JPN)

WinTool Blog (Japanese)

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