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Tool Presetting Device


By using the tool presetting device, the machine operator build tool assembly, and measures the tool diameter and length before loading tool to the machine tool. It provides an efficient and fast way to set up tools, switch NC machines and get to work.

Using a tool presetting device, each cutting edge can be measured and inspected to ensure run-out is within tolerance, increasing the speed of work compared to on-machine work.

Especially models that have data input/output in addition to automatic tool measurement and non-contact measurement are useful from the viewpoint of effective use of data.

WinTool-Tool Presetting Integration


WinTool, which manages tool data and tool information throughout the entire machining process, works together with a tool presetter that has the ability to import external tool data.
By transferring tool specification data from WinTool tool library to the tool presetting device, it contributes to reducing the time to input tool data on the tool presetting device, as well as arising errors.

In addition, it is also possible to feed back the values and additional information measured by the tool presetter to WinTool, which can be reflected in the tool duplicate data of WinTool.

If you use multiple tool presetters from different brands, you can also benefit from WinTool.

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