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TK Holdings Inc. offers digitalization service for manufacturing enterprise, mainly focusing on machining operational process.

It is important to design the system from the perspective of overall optimization, including SCM, ECM and MOM when implementing the digitalization of business processes.


We offer business services for your business operational improvement, especially machining operational process with the leading tool management system.



We offer the service for clients to build "strong company" under the global business environment. "Strong company" means to respond flexibly to the change while keeping its  base and tradition, and go on the business continuously.

Based on digitalization support and digital transformation support, we will contribute to clients to strengthen the competitiveness.




TK Holdings Inc.
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Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan 5320003
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TK Shanghai Inc.
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☎ 06-7662-8859

06-7662-8859  ✉ info@tkholdingsjpn.com