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Manufacturing Management Software


Manufacturing Management Software (MMS) is software that specializes in machining and covers the implementation of manufacturing plans, the arrangement of manufacturing resources, scheduling, and monitoring, and plays the role of the control tower of the automatic machining system.


MMS manages manufacturing resources such as raw materials, workpieces, pallets, tools, and jigs, and is useful for optimal allocation and advance preparation for machining instructions. It also monitors the status of NC machine tools in real time and supports continuous machining optimization.

MMS usually has an option to integrate with tool data management system, and stores tool specification data and tool status information such as location and tool life.

WinTool-MMS Integration


WinTool, which manages tool data and tool information throughout the machining business process, integrates with the Manufacturing Management System (MMS) in machining.

WinTool creates the specification data and duplicate data of the tool assembly and transfers them to MMS. MMS updates duplicates information such as tool location and tool life. Then, MMS transfers the updated information to WinTool for the integration. MMS can generate tool loading plan, but WinTool can also generate tool loading plan, depending on the operation.

By reflecting the tool status information in WinTool, the quality of machining preparation work can be improved.

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