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CAD/CAM & NC Simulation


CAD/CAM software creates a tool path and generates an NC program to make the NC machine tool work along it. Then, the NC machining simulation function or system is used to check for interference and geometry during machining, and verify the NC program.

In recent years, from the idea of digital twin (the concept of virtually replicating physical objects in cyberspace), the demand has increased to use actual tool data actually used at the shop floor in CAD/CAM and NC simulation system.

In addition, an NC programer can check the location information of the actual tool at the shop floor on the system, which saves the trouble of going to the shop floor and checking them.

WinTool-CAM/SIM Integration


WinTool, which manages tool data and tool information throughout the machining business process, integrates with CAD/CAM and NC Simulation system.

With the interface, the geometry value, DXF, DXF contour, 3D model, cutting conditions, etc. of tool assembly data stored in WinTool tool library can be transferred to CAD/CAM.

In addition, after creating an NC program with CAD/CAM system, it is possible to reflect the list of used tool assembly data in WinTool. As a result, tool information such as a tool list that can be used in the shop floor is proposed to the shop floor personnel.

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