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Tool Storage System


There are several types of tool storage systems, such as tool dispenser system, vending system, and automatic storage system, and you can manage the storage of tools at the shelf level. 


The hardware cabinet and software are integrated so that you can open only the drawer in which the tools specified by the software are stored, or receive the tools specified by the software at the slot of the storage.


While it is possible to organize your tool storage in a hardware cabinet alone, the software helps reduce manual errors, increases security and increases productivity.


How about using tool storage system in a tool room or production line according to the operation flow of your tools?

WinTool-Storage System Integration


WinTool, which manages tool data and tool information throughout the machining business process, integrates with the tool storage system.

WinTool manages the tool item number and storage location and transfers them to the tool storage system. Detailed information on the storage location is managed by the tool storage system. Then it manages the tool issue and return process, and the tool inventory transaction is reflected into WinTool in a timely manner. By displaying the number of tools in stock and available stocks with WinTool, it becomes possible for all worker involved in machining operations to understand the tool inventory situation.

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